How to buy a handyman franchise?

How to buy a handyman franchise?

December 1st, 2011 by

When buying a Hire A Hubby franchise there is a lot to take into consideration and we understand that serious thought has to go into the decision you make, but we are here to walk you through everything and make that decision process easier without any hint of persuasion. If the Hire A Hubby concept is for you and you want to be a part of it we will arrange a personal one to one meeting with you to go through everything and answer all the questions you may have; you may even provisionally reserve a territory without parting with any funds to enable you to relax and consider everything without feeling under any pressure whatsoever. We will also provide you a Qualities and Attributes form so you are able to assess yourself and to see whether you have the relevant skills to become a Hire A Hubby Franchisee. If you do decide this is the right franchise for you, you will then undergo the Hire A Hubby Training Course which is an intense course covering key business topics as we believe the single most important factor in a franchisees’ opportunity for success is providing a strong platform for understanding how this business works.


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