Installing loft insulation

Are you properly insulated? If you’re feeling the chill this winter, your heating bills are too high or perhaps the snow melted quicker on your roof than your neighbour’s? If so then you need to check your loft. The recommended thickness for loft insulation is 270mm, but the chances are you’ll have only 100mm or perhaps even none at all, and don’t just assume that if you bought a new build home in the last 10 years you have adequate loft insulation. Your current loft insulation may be old or no longer efficient. In adequate loft insulation can also lead to damp problems in your upstairs rooms, so don’t ignore that mould growth in the corner of your ceiling. Hire A Hubby Faversham can save you the trouble of finding a step ladder or struggling through the loft hatch, and offers a FREE survey of your loft space and will recommend the steps needed to properly insulation your home.

Installing loft insulation to the recommended depth will reduce wasted heat, cut your heating bills and reduce carbon emissions. You could typically save up to £175 a year from your energy bills and the cost of installation for the average home will be paid back within 1-2 years. Loft insulation is currently subsidised under the CERT (Carbon Emissions Reduction Target) and there are huge discounts available. However there are different types of insulation and not all of them may be suitable for your property, but Hire A Hubby Faversham can make sure you get the right product and at the best price.

Loft Insulation

If you’re thinking of selling your home then you must get an EPC (energy performance certificate) and if you’re a landlord; many prospective tenants can ask to view a EPC before they sign a rental agreement. More efficient loft insulation will help you achieve a higher energy efficiency rating, and could help you sell or rent your property.

If you’ve struggled to get into your loft, why not consider installing a loft ladder. They are the safe and easy way to access your loft. You might have forgotten just how big your loft is, and how much potential storage space you’re wasting. Hire A Hubby Faversham can offer a variety of boarding solutions to help you make efficient use of your loft.

So whether you want to keep your home warm and save money or just utilise that wasted space above your head, Hire A Hubby Faversham the Trustmark approved local Handyman will give you the impartial advice you need and a FREE no obligation survey and quote.

Loft Boarding

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If you have work that needs doing you should be completely at ease when you invite someone into your property. You need to be satisfied that who you are talking to is security checked, fully insured and that everything he does is guaranteed, particularly the workmanship. At Hire a Hubby we can offer you these assurances. Our handymen are selected based on their outstanding handyman skills, attention to detail and focus on customer service, taking the risk out of inviting unknown tradesmen into your property.

All of our handymen are backed by a corporate office, dedicated to providing further support to the growing network of Hubby's. However, this office is also there for your security and for you to rely on in the event of there ever being a reason for you to contact us. In an effort to maintain high standards, we encourage customers to provide feedback on their experiences with our team of handymen & through our facebook page.