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Hire A Hubby was established in Australia as a single man operation in 1994. The unique nature of the service, the colour scheme, and a catchy name attracted large scale media attention and with it, offers of assistance to franchise the concept professionally.

In 1996, the business was developed into a professional franchise business. In 1997, the company’s CEO became involved and in 2000 he bought out the founder. The business has since expanded nationally, inclusive of operations in neighboring New Zealand.

After 12 years of solid growth in the Australian Market and 300 franchisees, Hire A Hubby is embarking on an International expansion program.

The business’s current structure has a very strong technological base enabling for the successful management of franchise sales and franchisee support.

Franchisees are assured of exceptional support through specialised Online Management Software which has been custom built and is adaptable to UK requirements.

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